Foxwood's Radiance At Cove's Edge "Hannah"
DOB:  April 23rd, 1999
  Sire:  Ch Woods End Time'N Again
Dam:  Foxwood's Touch Of Class
Breeder:  Irene Fox & Thomas J Boardman
  Owner:  Deborah Gagnon

Hannah pictured at 10.5 Yrs of Age

Hannah having a seat on Cappy

Hannah practicing agility

Hannah is my oldest girl and at 10 years of age still likes to race around with the youngsters.  She is definitely the smartest dog I've had and not a thing gets by her.  Hannah will pick up all the dog's dishes after meals and bring them to me.  She will sing entire songs....literally....she will harmonize and it is hysterical. 
Hannah never made it to the conformation ring, but was a real star in the Agility ring.  Ever the clown, Hannah liked to do the course her way.....her favorite obstacle is the see saw and she will stay on it turning and banging each end without stepping off.  The more the class laughs, the more she continues until we beg them to ignore her :)  You can see what a clown she is by the photos.
She's such a joy!

Health Testing
Echo:  Normal / SAS cleared by canine cardiologist Dr. Thomas Rossi
Holter - Age 10 years, 10 months - Normal - 3 VPCs - singles
CBC - Normal
Thyroid - Thyroxine meds